Janet Brienza

J. R. Brienza is an interior designer, and general contractor. She helps clients create "worlds" of their own. Her lifelong fascination with our little earth, and the multiverse beyond has ignited a passion for writing and dreaming about what could be. Brienza resides in Pittsburgh with her long time love, Jeff, and their pets.

Book Review

My name’s Brooks. I run a website that helps writers with their writing, and given I been at it since 2013, I thought it time I start to write about the authors I feature on the site. To begin, I do not consider myself an expert in medical ethics, but I do consider myself a person with a deep interest in stories that have something important to say about life. When Janet (J.R. Brienza) sent me a message stating she wrote a story about a pig, I laughed, but given her ability to craft page turning manuscripts that kick with the power of a metaphorical steel toe, I wanted to read it, and within the first few minutes of scanning her draft, I knew she had something.


Excerpt One

“Welcome back to The Unseen, as always, we are glad you are here. Next up, is a boob tube sensation, with more than 500,000 social media followers worldwide. Let’s say hello to self-proclaimed Planet X—and extraterrestrial— expert, Enlil.”

Thunderous applause, and cheers from the audience, followed Enlil’s introduction. Josh nodded his head and tapped his foot to the meter of the applause. “Enlil, I am pronouncing that correctly, am I not?” Asked Kelly. Enlil nodded. “I’ll start with the same question I have asked all of my guests thus far. Does Planet X exist? And, if so, how have you come to that conclusion?” “Thank you for having me as part of this discussion, Kelly. In answer to the first part of your question, yes, Planet X— or Nibiru, as we call it—does indeed exist. Only now, it is no longer a planet in the traditional sense, with inhabitants living on its surface. But, rather, it is a ship, with inhabitants living inside.” Silence fell over the audience. Josh lit a clove cigarette, while one already burned in his left hand. Realizing what he’d done, he decided to puff on both at once. “Why, Enlil, that is fascinating!” Kelly feigned interest. “How do you know this?” Enlil stared at her without blinking. “I know this, because I am one of the inhabitants. I am Anunnaki.”

The audience went berserk. There were cheers and heckling— along with confusion on most of the audience members’ faces. They waved their signs foretelling Armageddon. Some said the Rosary. Josh smiled, taking a huge hit from his double-clove concoction, and blew a big, celebratory billow of smoke, large enough to encircle his own head. “You are an inhabitant of Planet X?” Kelly smirked and rolled her eyes, all at once. She scanned her notes. Nothing that indicated Enlil actually believed himself to be an alien could be found in his bio. “In fact,” she hesitated slightly, while flipping through pages, “my research team tells me that you are really Dr. Kirk Kalkstein, retired astrophysicist, former Nobel Prize nominee. Isn’t that true?” Enlil had no response. He seemed neither challenged nor agitated by her assertions. “You, Dr. Kalkstein, continues Kelly, unlike our other guests, have actually been to space. You were part of the merger of the space stations Mir 2, and Freedom in 1993. It’s your work on microgravity that won you that Nobel Prize nomination, a nomination you declined. Why?” “Please, Kelly, call me Enlil.” He was still emotionless. “I have been Dr. Kalkstein. He and I are the same being. As for declining the nomination, I could hardly be rewarded for merely stating the obvious.”

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